Wednesday, May 25, 2016

assignment #28 (Final Spring Project)

For this spring series, I combined both the images of nature and streets that I took for this series of. I made them cohesive through their brightness and shadows, connection/similarity of motion from one image to another,  along with the shades and colors. 

Assignment #27 (Self Portrait)

For these self portraits, I decided to use the techniques and style from my Best of Series. I used black and white, generally in the shadows but with dim or streaks of light, and I am not facing the camera, which is not straight on, but at some small angle. 

Friday, May 20, 2016

Assignment #26 (Spring Project 3)

For this batch, I though it would be interesting to incorporate images from my 1st and 2nd beach with cohesive colors and similar motions. I used both nature and street/cars/buildings etc, and have a similar faded grey pastel coloring for all of the images. I do not think that this batch is as cohesive as it could be, so for the next one, I would improve by making the motion's of the images more similar or all the same (with direction of the lines and sharpens). I might also try to stick with either nature or streets/buildings/people. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Assignment #25 (Spring Project 2)

For this batch, instead of taking pictures of streets/cars/people, I took pictures of plants and trees. This time, I only used the zoom to create the motion instead of shaking/moving the camera. I intended on taking photos of people for this batch, but since I didn't, I will try and do it next batch. Next time, I will also try and figure out how to keep one object in focus, with the everything else in motion. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Assignment #24 (Spring Project 1)

For this batch, I decided to show motion and blurriness. I photographed the streets, cars, traffic, and a couple of people. I was intending on making them in black and white, but then decided to keep some color, but very little, as I wanted to have some sense of grey. Next week, I would like to take pictures of mostly people, and try to find a technique to create motion besides what I had done. I would like to keep the person or a specific object in some focus, but have everything else look as if it is in fast or rapid motion.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Assignment #23 (Class Portraits 2)

Diego: For this portrait, I did overlapping of images, which were taken of his face at many angles. I also made it in black and white. 

Ruby: For this portrait, I took a picture of  white corners and edges, but I included her in the image too. 

Maddie: For this portrait, I just took a picture of her posing, having her centered int he frame, and in black and white. 

Sam: For this portrait, I took a picture, and gave it a background, but made sure the overlapping image didn't cover the face. 

Isaac: For this portrait, I did light art. 

Alex: For this portrait, I tried to have some focus on detail, which were the lockers in the background.   And I also included him in the image and made it black and white. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Assignment #22 (Class Portraits 1)

Nina: For this portrait I chose to take a detailed close up, with muted colors, and a kind of out of focus background.

Quentin: For this portrait, I chose to include wires/lines and a lot of the sky (little/no ground or buildings), and in black and white which is soft and not very intense.

Adé: For this portrait I chose to make it out of focus/in motion, and in black and white.

Angel: For this portrait, I chose to mimic the feeling of her images with the flowers. I did this by taking the image close up and squared off, with her smiling. I made the image bright, and raised the saturation, so to create a lively feeling.

Bella: For this portrait, I made it close up and highly in focus. I made sure the features and small details of things were shown. I also made it in black and white, but with many grey tones. 

Brian: For this portrait, I took it at an angel/not straight on, and tried to include the buildings in the background/street, and none of the sky. I made it in black and white, with raised black point and very dark.

Olivia: For this image I took the image from far away, and zoomed in, which was one of her techniques. I made her the focus of the image (nothing in the background), and I kept the colors natural, but roas the saturation a bit.

Maddie: For this portrait, I made her the focus of the image and centered, without much expression on her face. I made it in black and white, but with many grey tones.